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Here you will find any info you may need about the blocks and items in Mariculture (For Mariculture 1.1.4 and below)!

Please be aware this wiki is out of date for v1.2.0+, Check books ingame for up to date info.


Adds expanded fishing, new fish, oceans to explore, machines to assist, sea magic and more

While Mariculture works on it's own, it has been designed to work with other mods,
Recommended mods to use with Mariculture are:
Thermal Expansion
Tinker's Construct
(Mariculture items should mostly all have Aspects with Thaumcraft 4).

Mariculture Forum Topic

This mod comes in 7 Modules, Core, Diving, Factory, Fishery, Pearls, Transport and World. All of them except for Core can be toggled on and off in the config file, here's a little bit about each Module.

This module is required for all other modules to function, it contains the main handlers, and crafting components used in all the other modules. It also includes oysters and the basic ore generation of which the ores can all be toggled on and off from within the configs. It also the contains the smelter and freezer, two key components for processing ores and essential for a fair bit of crafting involved throughout the mod.

The Diving Module's purpose is to give you way to explore the depths of the ocean in a much safer manner or to help with building underwater, with less of a fear of drowning, and travelling further and faster.

The Factory module adds methods for generating power, be it water or natural gas. It also provides access to some other useful functional blocks, for decorative, or just assistance purposes.

The Fishery module expands on the fishing system, allowing you to catch different species with different rods and requiring bait, it also introduces two automatic fishing methods, the fishing net and the autofisher, the latter of which needs to be powered. There are also tanks and incubators, so you can breed different fish, each fish species is unique and has it's own purpose in life.

The Magic module is all about magic and mystery, using pearls and other materials in order to craft jewelry which can be enchanted from within the portable enchanting table, the mirror.

The Transport module will add many different types of boats that do different things, right now the only new boat is the Speed Boat.

The world module is all about world generation and adding interesting things to the ocean biome to explore. Currently it adds Coral Reefs and Kelp Forests with rare treasure chests.